Welcome to a very SPECIAL episode of Chopstick Travel. Today, we will be taking you inside the home of a Palestinian family for a full on ZARB meal in Bethlehem. Zarb is a roast chicken meal, made with spices like sumac, chili and za’atar. The chicken originally was baked underground in the dessert, by the Beduins, but this family re-created a modern version of the oven, and show us the process of how it’s done.

We also take you to eat some delicious Palestinian food all around Bethlehem, while checking out some of the main sites, like the Church of Nativity and Shepherd’s Fields. Who knew Bethlehem had so much to do! One of the top highlights was a visit to Sammie’s shop, for a secret concoction tea and to listen to his singing. Did you know Sammie appeared in Conan O’Brien’s show?

If you want to experience the BEST of Bethlehem or elsewhere in Palestine (West Bank), then get in contact with Peace by Piece Tours, we highly recommend their expertise. Location & price information is not available as it is a part of Peace by Piece organized tours.


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