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The ultimate $1 Palestine’s street food tour!


From traditional Palestinian food (Arab street food) to interesting discoveries of Indian street food to complete Arabian street foods like in the ultimate Dubai $1 street food tour I explored Palestine’s best $1 street food. JOIN THE GROUP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/11415…
This was one of my favorite ultimate food tour’s because I discovered different cuisines (Palestinian food, Arabian street food, Indian street food, Emirati street food). Comment below on things to do in Palestine (specifically Hebron, and Bethlehem), the West Bank, or neighboring cities like Old Jerusalem, or Dubai with the must try foods! This video is a part of my food challenge to eat $1 street food all around the world for my travel series (Living on $1 Street Food Around The World). Comment the next city / country I should travel to and subscribe to follow the journey of discovering the best $1 street food food pov from around the world! To follow the behind the scenes – Insta: iAmLivingBobby

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